Herb Bruce

Trombonist Herb Bruce is a former member of the great Woody Herman band and the U.S. Army Band. He just retired after serving 28 years as a reserve Army officer and is still involved in U.S. Army musical groups. A world-class jazz trombonist, he has toured and recorded with many leading pop and jazz groups. He traveled with Boots Randolph, Danny Davis, and the Nashville Brass and is very much in demand at leading jazz festivals both here and in Europe.

Herb is part of the Salvation Army International band program and tours on their behalf. Well known for his versatility of styles and incredible power, he is a sought-after lead trombonist for shows and big bands. He has just released several albums under his Herbicide, label. Herb was also recently appointed to the position of Principal Trombonist with the Venice Florida Symphony Orchestra.